Q: Where can we get a keyboard? Should we rent one? How much can I purchase one for?
A: It is actually much less expensive to purchase a keyboard than to rent one. Casio 61 key models are similar to what we use in class and are available from several local retailers including: Target, Best Buy or Wal Mart for about $99.00.

You will also need an AC/5 adaptor for about $8.99 so you don’t have to use batteries. Costco and Sam’s Club often have keyboards available but they are generally more expensive and it’s not advantageous for our students to pay more than $100.00.

In addition, Guitar Center often has keyboards for purchase. Plus, if you tell them you’re with Elements Music they may offer a discount on a keyboard and adaptor. The phone numbers and locations for Guitar Center are:

Peoria – (602) 375 3800
Tempe – (480) 735 6900
Scottsdale – (480) 362 1150

Alternatively, we work closely with a local certified Casio keyboard refurbishing company who repairs damaged or broken keyboards. Please contact our office at (480) 325-2684, so we can provide you with their contact information and answer any questions you might have.

Q:I’ve completed the full 30-Week Elements Music program, what’s next?
A: For those students who have completed our full Elements Music Keyboard Program, you can continue to further your music education by enrolling in our Elements @ Home program.

Our Elements @ Home program offers private lessons in your home or elsewhere. Our @ Home program continues to refine the skills you learned within our 30-week program while you advance to more challenging pieces of music.

Elements @ Home can also be a great way for those who are looking to join our group classes but whose schedule restricts them from participating or for those who were unable to sign up for a particular class due to full class.

Please see our Elements @ Home page for further details.

Q:Are classes held on holidays or early release days?
A: In most cases, we do not hold classes on holidays or early release days.

However, with that being said, it is always wise to check with your child’s instructor as to the dates for which classes will and will not be held. Since district policies vary greatly, some classes may in fact, be held on an early release day.

While registration forms or any fliers that you have received may include information on which dates classes are held, if you are ever unsure, you can always ask the instructor or contact our main office at (480) 325-2684 to find out.

Q: My child is enrolled in one of your classes. Can his brother or sister sit-in on the class if s/he is not disruptive?
A: While we would love to accommodate each family with such a request, it is in the best interest of all our students that friends and family members who are not enrolled in one of our classes, remain outside the classroom while our instructors are teaching.

Since we cannot guarantee that friends, siblings or other family members will not pose a distraction to the class, it is best that we maintain such a strict policy.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we kindly ask that those not enrolled in our classes make other transportation or supervision arrangements after school.