What does it take to become an Elements Teacher? The most important thing you need is a love for kids and a desire to see them having fun making music at the keyboard! If a teacher doesn’t really like their students, how can they really muster the enthusiasm and patience needed to teach them properly? Elements only hires enthusiastic, inspiring teachers!

Next, you must be able to play your instrument! Seems so obvious it’s funny, but you’d be surprised how many people think they can teach keyboard when they can’t really play the keyboard! Of course, to teach traditional methods, you probably don’t need to be that great of a player, since the students hardly ever practice that boring material! Because they’re playing their favorite songs, Elements students really practice, and they are highly motivated to learn. You have to be able to help them through demonstration. And, being a virtuoso classical pianist isn’t enough. We’ve seen many would-be teachers who could whip through a knuckle buster like Chopin’s “Winter Wind” etude, but they couldn’t play a simple tune like “I Want Candy” with the right feel! The best teachers are not necessarily keyboard virtuosos, but well-rounded musicians who are familiar with a wide range of musical styles.

Third, to teach Elements keyboard club, you must be physically active enough to set up and tear down our mobile keyboard labs. You must have dependable transportation, and a safe place to store the equipment we will issue. You must also be free at least 3 afternoons per week. (Assistant teachers may work 1 or 2 days per week, pending availabilities.)

Elements keyboard club teachers are the best paid after-school enrichment teachers, making almost double what most providers pay! Not only that, Elements has a generous bonus structure for excellent teachers!

For information about applying to teach with Elements Music, or if you are a private teacher and would like information about being trained in the Elements method for use in your studio, please contact:

Lori Passante, Program Director
Email: lori@elementsmusic.com
Office: (480) 325-2684
Mobile: (602) 291-2552