About Us

Elements is a fun and innovative piano program that teaches kids AND adults how to play the piano or keyboard.

While most keyboard methods are based on outdated 17th-19th century European fundamentals, the Elements approach is easy, fun, exciting, and rewarding! Not only do our classes enable beginners the capacity to play their favorite songs on their VERY FIRST lesson, but our students look forward to each class, time and time again!

We have listed some of the features and basic information about our unique program below. Please select the type of class you are interested in and find out what sets us apart from other methods. It’s easy to see why ours is the best piano/keyboard program available!

We offer three different Elements courses:

  • Grades 1-6
  • Private Lessons (Please Inquire for Recommended Age)
  • Adult Classes (13 and above)

For Students in Grades 1-6

  • Duration of Each Level: 6 Weeks
  • Length of Each Class: One Hour
  • Types of Songs Available: Classical, Top 40, Classic Rock, Cartoon Themes, TV Themes, Movie Themes, Video Game Tracks, Country Classics & Modern Country Favorites, Holiday Classics, Show Tunes, Patriotic Favorites, and Many More!
  • Class Sizes: 18 Maximum Students per class. (With a student to teacher ratio of 9 to 1 or better!)

Skills Learned:

Level 1

Introduction to simple number & letter system that allows students to play the popular song they enjoy!

  • Music Measures
  • Note Values
  • Rests
  • Counting Notes
  • Music Melodies
  • Steady Beats
  • And many more!

Level 2

Introduction to reading traditional music notation – in the Treble Staff. (Just as professional musicians do!)

  • Rhythms
  • Accidentals
  • Music Intervals
  • Both Hands Playing Notes Simultaneously

Level 3

Introduction to the Bass Clef: Progression of playing from the Bass Clef & symbols learned in previous lessons with emphasis on the left hand.

  • Theoretical Concept Review from Level 2

Level 4

  • Introduction to Chords
  • Progression in Left and Right hands playing together.

Level 5

  • Introduction to a unique visual aid called a “chordometer”
  • Introduction to all 36 major, minor and sus4 chords
  • Music Scales
  • Transposition

Other Great Features:

  • Song Repertoire: At the end of each level, students should be able to play anywhere from 2 to 5 songs that they learned in that particular level.
  • Live Performances: Each level ends with a live performance by students at their recital during their Week 6 lesson.
  • Student Workshop Access: Students have unlimited access to our online Student Workshop (at ElementsMusic.com). Here, students can download song clips, special sheet music, and even video lessons!
  • Games & Contests: Along with learning many fundamentals of music, students will also get to participate in contests and play games during their classes. This is a great way in which Elements further encourages its students growth in musical knowledge and enjoyment.
  • Prizes: As part of a positive reinforcement environment, students will have the opportunity to earn “Music Money”. “Music Money” is received for responsible behavior such as: bringing required supplies each week, being on time to class, practicing one’s selected songs each week, and following basic class rules. “Music Money” can be exchanged at the end of each session for prizes such as keyboards, private lessons and other exciting prizes!

Thanks for visiting elementsmusic.com, where we are always “discovering the future of music education.”™

Still have questions? Please read our FAQ for Parents, or contact us!